Veydra Announces an Anamorphic Lens for m43

Yesterday at NAB 2015, Panasonic announced a firmware update for the GH4 that opens up an option for anamorphic shooting, which allows you to take advantage of the 4:3 sensor. Here’s an image from LumixLounge that explains it a bit:

Anamorphic Lens for Micro Four Thirds
via LumixLounge

Panasonic notes that an anamorphic lens is “a special lens that take the best advantage of the 4:3 format.” And with that, Veydra announces that they’re working on a set of anamorphic 2x lenses for Micro Four Thirds. Veydra does already have a set of µ43 cine lenses that became available earlier this year, and according to NoFilmSchool it is a “stellar line of true cinema lenses.”

In their press release, Veydra notes that anamorphic shooting was very difficult with the current availability of cameras and lenses, and “the combination of these cameras and lenses could land you near $200,000+ USD to own and shoot true 2X Anamorphic.” Well with the GH4 update, it’s going to soon be possible to own an anamorphic system under $2000.

Veydra’s first plan for a lens is The Veydra Mini Anamorphic 2X 25mm T2.2 M4/3, that should be available at the end of this year. They’re also working on other longer focal lengths and are aiming to create a 3 lens set available sometime in 2016. Expected pricing per lens is expected to be around or under $5,000.

Other Micro Four Thirds options for anamorphic shooting includes this adapter from SLR Magic. 

Lastly, here’s an interview of Ryan Avery from Veydra courtesy of News Shooter:

Newsshooter NAB 2015: Veydra M4/3 Anamorphic And Ultra Wide Mini Prime Lenses Announced

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