Reduce Noise In-Post or In-Camera w/ the Panasonic G85

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to checkout my full review of the Panasonic G85 here.

The purpose of this video, is essentially, I want to find out what the best settings are for my use. Now, there’s a lot of different opinions out there and hopefully some of these tests will help you guys and gals out too.

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  • Putra Anugrah

    Hi There, i’m using G85 as well, i want to share my condition with this Particular camera..
    I set my in Cam NR to -5, it works pretty well just like in your video, the Noise/Grain is quite acceptable until iso 3200, with a lii help of Neat Video it will be just Fine.. But that is Only Happen if i set my Resolution to 1080p at Any Frame Rate.

    But things got Weirdly Different when i set my Resolution to 4k at any Frame Rates.
    What i’m saying by Weird was.. the Result in 4k appeared to be a lot smoother in terms of Noise compare to 1080p, it was too smooth to the point that it was like being Treated with In Camera Noise Reduction (even though i set it to -5) and do not need any Noise Treatment anymore in Post.
    Some People may like this Result because straight out of camera footages looks smooth Already.
    But i Prefer the the Noise to be there as it was in 1080p, since that smoothness in 4k also ate a little bit of details as well ( i prefer the Noise is there and retain the details)

    Is it Normal ?
    or am i missing something in Menu Setting ?
    Thanks – Putra