Photokina 2014: Highlights for Micro Four Thirds (µ43)

Panasonic GM5 and LX100

Biggest Micro Four Thirds Announcements from Photokina 2014

We’re rounding up all the coverage on µ43 cameras at Photokina, starting with my favorite:

1. Panasonic GM5 – The Panasonic GM5 improves upon the GM1 by adding a live viewfinder and hot shoe. 

Official Panasonic GM5 Page – and the official introduction video for the GM5:

Hands on the GM5 by DPReview – “I’ve been rather impressed with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5, and feel sure that the changes the company has made are significant improvements on the Lumix DMC-GM1 – and will make this tiny form-factor much more usable and popular.”

2. Panasonic LX100 – Feature packed in a compact size, µ43 sensor, 4k video, f/1.7-2.8 Leica branded fixed lens 10.9-34mm (24-75mm full frame equivalent).

Official Panasonic LX100 Page

First Impression from The Photoblogropher – “Of almost any camera being announced at Photokina 2014, you should know that the one we are most excited about is the LX100. It’s small, has a Micro Four Thirds sensor, retro styling, and what promises to be top notch image quality. Seriously, what’s not to like?”

Hands on with The VergeThe Verge was less excited than seemingly everyone else, citing an underwhelming battery, noticeable lag on the electric viewfinder and an annoyance with too many controls on a camera with its compact size. “Trying to make the perfect small camera with all the big controls intact.” True? Only time will tell…

3. Panasonic introduces GM-sized Lumix G Vario 35-100mm F4.0-5.6 and 14mm F2.5 II

4. Samsung NX1 debuts with APS-C geared towards professionals

5. Olympus – No word on the EM2, but they did announce the long awaited Olympus f/2.8 45-150mm PRO

Bonus: The Panasonic CM1 – 1″ sensor on an Android Smartphone.  The Official CM1 Page from Panasonic, in German but Translated with Google.

Ironic that we’ve talked about the possibility of a Micro Four Thirds smartphone, and here comes the announcement of the CM1, not quite µ43 but does pack a 20MP 1″ sensor packed into a 4.7″ Android smartphone. Oh and it also shoots video in 4k. This should put it ahead of the pack as far as best smartphone cameras, right alongside the Nokia’s Pureview line, and the Galaxy Camera (though on Android, it’s not a smartphone).

Final Thoughts on This Years Micro Four Thirds Photokina Announcements

Rumors that the Panasonic’s GX line is coming to end looks to be all but confirmed at this years Photokina with the GM5 adding the hot shoe and live viewfinder (which were on the GX7). I for one am ecstatic as those two features are the sole reason I could not switch to the GM1. While it loses the tilt screen, and doesn’t offer a articulating or flip screen, the GM5 is feature packed in a compact size, the very same features that swayed many of us over the µ43 system.

But now I’m thinking, Panasonic LX100 or GM5? Subscribe and hear my thoughts next week…

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