Reduce Noise In-Post or In-Camera w/ the Panasonic G85

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to checkout my full review of the Panasonic G85 here.

The purpose of this video, is essentially, I want to find out what the best settings are for my use. Now, there’s a lot of different opinions out there and hopefully some of these tests will help you guys and gals out too.

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How to Land Photography Gigs on Upwork

Really quick, if you haven’t done so already, checkout my recent review of the Panasonic G85, and subscribe on YouTube as I’ll be trying to push out videos every week. Back again with another post, Emily May, one half of the photographer duo based out of Indonesia. Last week they talked about how they got into fashion and commercial photography, and today they’ll be talking…

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Panasonic G85 Review – Is it the best camera under $1000?

Hey all – just getting started on YouTube. Here’s my first real video (other than the video of my fish tank from 7 years ago that I just made private 😂 ). It’s a review on what’s quickly becoming perhaps my favorite camera. I will be posting a few more videos of the G85 soon, so if you’re interested please like and subscribe.

Here’s a few pros and cons that go unmentioned in the review:

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How I Got Started in Fashion and Commercial Photography

Hey guys – really quick… I’m looking to bring in some photographers and filmmakers to write for 1kCreatives. Regular contributors, maybe 2-4 times a month. Op-ed, things you’re interested in. I’m pretty flexible on topics. Shoot me an email with your asking rate at Also, I just started on YouTube, I posted a little teaser of the Panasonic G85 and will have a review of it…

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Low ISO and Stabilization Footage with the Panasonic G85

Yes, for my 3 subscribers who noticed, I switched up the website a bit.

Anyway, here’s a little preview of the Panasonic G85, I’ll have a full review coming up soon!

The stabilization is incredible, it did really well when ice skating – and I’m a terrible ice skater.

Low light looks good too… 74% of the shots were shot at ISO 2000 and above.

I’m just getting started on YouTube, so if you wanna subscribe I have the Panasonic G85 full review, and perhaps a $1000 camera comparison with the Sony A7, Olympus OM-D EM-5 II and of course, the G85.

9 Photography Marketing Ideas for Under $100

You know what sucks? The most well known photographers often have the worst advice for marketing your photography business. Think about that. The most talented photographers, the ones that we look up to for creative inspiration, advice, or otherwise, often have the worst advice for marketing your photography business. I’m not going to throw any names out there, but I will say it’s an older generation. The same generation that…

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Photography 101: The Mind of a Photographer

If you give Tiger Woods the cheapest golf clubs from Walmart, he’d still crush you at golf. Similarly, with photography, there’s so much more to it than equipment. But many people forget that, photographers included. Photographers are known to suffer from G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). We always want the latest camera. The best lenses. The sturdiest tripod. The nicest camera bag… and the list goes on. But in…

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