NAB 2015: Micro Four Thirds News

As we mentioned on Twitter yesterday, Panasonic would be announcing a new 4k camera. I was hoping for a GH5 or GX8, but the Director of Panasonic Digital Imaging, Kunihiko Miyagi, already hinted at an upgrade to the AF100, a professional camcorder which also shares the m43 mount. It turns out Panasonic would announce a series of professional 4k video cameras, including the upgrade to the AF100, the DVX200. Unfortunately, no new GX8 or GH5. But they did announce a new firmware update for the GH4, and LumixLounge has more details on GH4’s new update with information about the new anamorphic update

In other news, Nikon did announce a new 1 J5 4k camera, along with 4k it also has a flippable “selfie screen,” thus it looks like a blend between the GF7 and the LX100. And it’s also only $500. But let’s keep in mind that they’re starting to jam 4k in the latest Samsung smartphones, thus all 4k isn’t created equal. It’s like a decade ago when every device needed 1080p just for the sake of saying they had 1080p. And with the new J5, 4k is limited to 15FPS – where most other 4k cameras are hitting 24 and 30FPS. Nonetheless, it’s still very impressive on paper with a 20.8MP CMOS sensor and 20FPS cAF shooting.

We also mentioned on Twitter about a week ago that Canon announced the new XC10, a 12MP 4k camcorder with 5-axis IBIS. At $2500, it could be a formidable competitor to the GH4, but without a interchangeable lens it looks like more of a competitor to the Panasonic FZ1000. Nonetheless, also very impressive on paper. If the 5-axis IBIS is as good as Olympus’s, then it could be a game changer.

Olympus has talked about 4k in the past, and that it’s something that they’re working on. The OMD EM-5 II made leaps and bounds with their advancements to video, but I’m guessing they haven’t added 4k because of heat dissipation, and hopefully their next generation of sensors can handle that. The OMD EM1 MkII is rumored to have 4k, but only time will tell. On the Panasonic side of things, remember that the GX7 has 3-axis IBIS (a feature missing on the GH4), but it’s disabled for video. Thus I believe an upcoming GX8 could have 4k with IBIS for video. Personally, as a photographer who’s really been wanting to get into video, I’m excited to see what’s to come.

I’ll keep this updated if anything else gets announced at NAB 2015 Micro Four Thirds related – so stay tuned!

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