Cameras are a very personal thing, what might be perfect for one person, might be average to another.

Do your own research and figure out what might be good for you. I have a bunch of gear, so I’m just going to list some of my faves, if you have any questions about something specific please feel free to ask:


Panasonic G85 – Mostly for video with 4k + Dual IS, but very capable stills cameras. See my YouTube review here.

Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mk II – One of my fave all around cameras, I feel like it’s underrated in the market.

Sony A7 – Full frame with plenty of other variants as options, but I’ll probably be selling it soon (maybe). But it’s clearly a good option for people who work in low light (events, weddings, etc.)


Cameras I prefer to buy new, but lenses I like to buy used. Check eBay for latest sold price, to the current selling price to see if you’re getting a good deal.

Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic/Olympus): See my Micro 4/3 Lens Guide for more information.

I have way too many lenses right now (9!), I plan to sell a bunch and simplify. I just want to add the Leica 8-18mm and maybe the 15mm and I’ll be golden!

  • Panasonic 20mm f1.7 (maybe sell it for the Panasonic-Leica 15mm f1.7 if I can get a good deal)
  • Panasonic-Leica 8-18mm f2.8-4.0 (Expected Summer 2017)
  • Panasonic-Leica 25mm f1.4 –
  • Panasonic-Leica 42.5mm f1.2 – Pricey, but worth every penny.

Sony Full Frame: 

I find the beauty in the A7 series when you pair it with primes. When you pair it with a large zoom like the 70-200mm f2.8 you negate the size advantage. This is the Sony Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.8, a beautiful combo of premium lenses:



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