The Blue & Brown Panasonic GM1 Announcement

Brown and Blue Panasonic GM1

Panasonic Japan has us lusting over the just announced blue and brown Panasonic GM1, aka the GM1s.

Scheduled to release November 13th, 2014, the press release is in Japanese but here’s a Google translation of the press release:

Panasonic Corporation, will be released from November 13 the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera LUMIX GM1S condensed high-quality performance of the SLR in a small body.

This product is a model that renewal in the new color Blue, Brown, the LUMIX GM1 that are acclaimed as high-quality single-lens camera of compact, lightweight body, you add a new feature. Such as the AF function and enrichment with excellent image quality by Venus engine and 16M Live MOS sensor, features a high quality is intact, I was equipped with new useful features. For example, transferred to the smartphone a short video that was taken, and equipped can create short movies by connecting the “snap movie mode”, Wi-Fi ® upload to SNS is possible without going through the smartphone image during playback by function In addition, Wi-Fi and smartphone ® I have to be in the reading of the QR code that is displayed on the monitor of this product connection.

We will continue to propose to the user to find the single-lens camera that combines the design and appearance of the mobility and high image quality, this product.

The translation is rough, but it does look like they have added a few features, including “snap movie mode” which will be featured on the GM5. Unlike the GM5 however, there is no hot shoe and no live viewfinder.

The translation also adds “Shooting functions that evolved from 3. GM1, was further enhanced” citing an extension to shoot at ISO100 (as opposed to the previous minimum of 160)… a shot that should help you get shots outdoors in bright light with its new shutter. Other than that, it’s essentially the same Panasonic GM1 wrapped in another (albeit, sexy) color.

But with the Photokina announcement of the LX100 and GM5, unless you’re lusting over the blue or brown, there’s better options out there.

If you known Japanese and can provide any additional insights on the new Panasonic GM1s from the translation, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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